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A Leading Manufacturer of EMI Filters & RFI Filters

Custom Suppression is a leading manufacturer of custom EMI & RFI Filters and assemblies. CSI's strength lies in our ability to design and build EMI & RFI Filters that truly meet and/or exceed your needs, from electrical performances, dimensional requirements, on-time delivery, all at competitive prices. Our products include Solder-in Filters, Resin Sealed Filters & Capacitors, Hermetically Sealed Filters & Capacitors, Custom Filtered Connectors, Custom Filtered D Connectors, Custom Multi-section EMI/RFI Filter Assemblies, as well as Power Line Filters and Commercial Assemblies.

Assembly/Electronmechanical Capability

Since 1986, Custom Suppression has acquired, modified and perfected proven processes and equipment including:
  • Vapor Phase Soldering - processes and techniques up to 300c.
  • Solder Pots - for tin and solder dip of leads, pins and other forms or terminations.
  • Hand Soldering - by certified and experienced assembly solderers.
  • Wire Stripping - for products requiring pig-tail leads and lead forming.
  • Inductor - winding capabilities for toroids and bobbin wound coils.
  • Sub-assembly - in-house designed and made tooling and fixtures.
  • Epoxy Encapsulation - including storing, mixing, blending and curing.

Tests, Measurement, and Inpection Capacity

  • Burn-In and Screening Facilities - Multiple ovens rated up to 150c with capabilities to energized specimens under test with AC and/or DC voltage and currents. 
  • Capacitance Measurements - Equipment with capabilities to measure capacitance and dissipation at 120 Hz, 1000 Hz and 1 MHz.
    Dielectric Withstanding Tests - Equipment capable of subjecting product under test with AC and DC voltages in excess of 1000 volts. 
  • Inductance Measurements - Equipment to measure inductance and Q-factor at various frequencies and currents.
  • Insertion Loss Measurements - Spectrum analyzers, tracking generators, buffers and attenuators for measurements from 10 kHz to over 2 GHZ.
  • Insulation Resistance Measurements - Equipment capable of megaohm measurements with DC voltages up to 1000 volts.
    Life Test Chambers - Multiple ovens rated up to 150c with capabilities to energized specimens under test with AC and/or DC voltages and currents over extended periods of time. 
  • Thermal Shock Tests - Chambers rated to cycle between 150c and -65c.   Capabilities to energized specimens undertest with AC and/or DC voltages and currents over extended periods of time.
  • Mechanical Inspection - Various calipers, micrometers, height gauges, threaded gauges, blocks, weights, dowels and other tools necessary to measure physical dimensions.

About Arizona Capacitors

Arizona Capacitors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Electro Technik, inc., is a manufacturer of wound film capacitors for military, aerospace, industrial and audio applications.  Our standard products include pulsed power capacitors, decoupling capacitors, motor start capacitors, snubber capacitors, sensing capacitors, and tuned circuit capacitors. These can take the form of mylar capacitors, polyester capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, and many more.

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