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HG70 Series

Capacitor | Plastic | Glass Tubular

Capacitance (uf): 0.0005 ~ 0.0200
VDC: 7,000
Description: Polyester, for AC or Pulsed Currents


  • ±5 / 10% Tolerance Options
  • -40 to 65°C at full rated voltage
  • (derate Voltage by 20% for +75°C Operation)
  • Insulation Resistane of 40 - 80k ΩF
  • <0.6% Dissipation Factor @ 1,000Hz
  • Tested 200% of Rated Voltage (1 min)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Qualified Processes
  • Tested to MIL-STD-202
  • ROHS Compliance upon Request



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About Arizona Capacitors

Arizona Capacitors, a wholly owned subsidiary of Electro Technik, inc., is a manufacturer of wound film capacitors for military, aerospace, industrial and audio applications.  Our standard products include pulsed power capacitors, decoupling capacitors, motor start capacitors, snubber capacitors, sensing capacitors, and tuned circuit capacitors. These can take the form of mylar capacitors, polyester capacitors, polypropylene capacitors, and many more.

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